Reawakening Your Inner Diva

All moms know how easy it is to let yourself go, to slap on the high-waisted jeans, throw on a sweatshirt and be on your way. But sometimes, it’s fun to awaken the inner diva, the one that lurks inside most women.

She’s the one your husband may have first met. She’s the one who used to come out when you went dancing with your gal pals. She’s the one who went to fabulous parties, night clubs and fancy dinners before life was filled with kid parties, wholesale food clubs and crockpot dinners that you pulled together yourself.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to recall my more glamorous days – trust me, they were short-lived, and frankly, not that glamorous — when I was asked to model in a fundraising fashion show for the Voorheesville Community & School Foundation. For those few hours, it was all about me. My hair. My makeup. My clothes.

A hair and makeup artist who once worked on Cyndi Lauper spent almost an hour twisting my hair into a tight bun with a tube of gel and pinning a spiky hair piece on to the back of my head. Then he decorated my face with more makeup than I wear in a month.

Walking the catwalk is not something I do every day, as you might imagine. But there I was, strutting, pivoting, and posing, with a minute to do a complete outfit change between each of the three outfits I wore. My final and most dramatic outfit was a tight black leather dress (borrowed from a local boutique called SJR Couture) and high boots (borrowed from my friend Diana).

“What did you think?” I asked my daughters when the show ended.

“That was not you,” Annie said.

And then it was all over. I gave back the hair piece, the leather dress, the boots. I slipped back into my jeans and headed home, where I heated up some Thanksgiving leftovers and washed some dishes.

Cinderella was home, and the ball was over. But she sure made some fabulous memories.


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4 Responses to Reawakening Your Inner Diva

  1. Love this post. Sometimes we need to give ourselves time to find that girl again.

  2. Wonderful, Winnie!

    Xo Beth

  3. Kimberly says:

    I love it Winnie, exactly my thoughts!

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