Too Much Health Information

When you’re a health writer, every little symptom is cause for concern. Dry skin might signal eczema, a blue mood might mean depression, a mole may be skin cancer. But I knew I’d crossed the line when I got suspicious about a pan.

Not long ago, I was at my neighbor’s Pampered Chef party, scouring the catalog for my next purchase when I spotted an aluminized pan. My friend and I had just been talking about Alzheimer’s, and somewhere in the deep recesses of my memory, I recalled a link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum.

So I asked the hostess if she knew anything about whether the aluminized pan might be a health problem. “Hmmm…I don’t really know,” she said diplomatically. I can only imagine what she was really thinking at the moment.

I sauntered over to a friend with an iPhone and asked her to do some on-the-spot research for “aluminum” and “Alzheimer’s.” A page on the Alzheimer’s Association website told me that scientists had never confirmed a link.

I breathed a sigh of relief – I really liked the pan – and plunked down my credit card. Sometimes, writing about health can be dangerous to your mental health.


About healthywritermom

I'm a health writer and the married mom of two daughters, who finds herself constantly tending to the health needs of her family. Writing ab
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