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I'm a health writer and the married mom of two daughters, who finds herself constantly tending to the health needs of her family. Writing ab

Lessons From Loki

Loki, our Yorkshire terrier turns three tomorrow. We acquired him in the winter of 2009, when he was just ten weeks old. In that time, he’s taught us some valuable lessons about health and life. * Do a little yoga … Continue reading

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Next on Jerry Springer: My Daughter is My Mom

The other night, we took our kids to see Ray Davies, former lead singer of The Kinks. Even before the band took to the stage, my daughter Annie was badgering me for earplugs. In fact, it was Annie who reminded … Continue reading

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Our DNA Is Not Our Health Destiny

We live in a high-stress world filled with processed foods and environmental toxins, where the couch is infinitely more alluring than the treadmill and sleep is regarded as an optional activity. But our genes weren’t designed to support this way … Continue reading

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Deadly Crash Kills Three, Saddens My Community

Tragedy struck our quaint little community of Voorheesville, N.Y. last Wednesday, when an SUV driven by a local resident careened out of control and killed three women who were waiting outside a church to go on a walk. I first … Continue reading

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Too Much Health Information

When you’re a health writer, every little symptom is cause for concern. Dry skin might signal eczema, a blue mood might mean depression, a mole may be skin cancer. But I knew I’d crossed the line when I got suspicious … Continue reading

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The Tricky World of Thyroid Disease

I never realized how complicated thyroid disorders could be until I co-wrote the book, “The Everything Health Guide to Thyroid Disease” with Dr. Theodore Friedman, an endocrinologist and chief of endocrinology, metabolism and molecular medicine at Charles Drew University in … Continue reading

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Suddenly A Caregiver

Last January, in the dead of winter, I got the phone call that all adult children dread. “They took your dad to the hospital by ambulance,” my mother said, trying to conceal her panic. I dropped everything I was doing. … Continue reading

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