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When a Sweet Treat is Well-Deserved

My daughter Annie and her friend Grace are at a softball camp this week, and because the camp is a bit of a distance away, we are carpooling with Grace’s parents. The drop-off spot? None other than Dunkin Donuts, home … Continue reading

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Going Green for Good Nutrition

My favorite day of the week may soon be Thursday. That’s the day when my husband brings home our share of  vegetables we get from a cooperative farm we recently joined. The veggies are delivered to his office every week. … Continue reading

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Separating Cake from Candle

Blowing out candles on a birthday cake is a time-honored tradition that’s been occurring at birthday parties for centuries. Everyone sings “Happy Birthday,” and the birthday person blows out the candles to the applause and delight of guests who are … Continue reading

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The Three Mile Dog

Our dog Loki is a Yorkshire terrier with tiny legs that measure about five inches. He weighs all of about six pounds, and stands about a foot off the ground. But those little legs can move, and these days, he’s … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Medical Information

Immunizations. Physicals. Cholesterol levels. Medications.  Keeping track of your medical information these days, takes the juggling skills of an office manager. In fact, my home office is exactly where I keep all my health and medical records, with help from … Continue reading

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When Lyme Disease Strikes

I’ll never know exactly when it was that a tick infected me with Lyme disease, but it must have been about this time a year ago when it happened.  I know because the symptoms of Lyme took hold a few … Continue reading

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